Muğla dolls collection project has been pioneered by Governor of Muğla & his wife, Directorate of Culture and Tourism, Directorate of Public Training and put into practice as a cultural duty by artist Şiir Dürüst.
Dolls collection is being in the third rank following money and stamp collection in the world and this phenomenon emphasizes the significance and necessity of taking this craft into consideration seriously.

Multi-directional purposes of the function are to provide acceleration and contribution to our handcrafts and to acquire a special precious gift reflecting Muğla's folcloric values and characteristics both for local and foreign visitors coming into our town and 
sometimes to be taken to the places where we visit and take them along with us as a present.
A ''Muğla souvenir'' and a ''Muğla Brand'' which will remind Muğla forever all over the world... 

In spite of limited possibilities; the Anatolian woman has always put a lot of attention on each daily item which she had worn, embroided, woven, knitted, embellished, cut and sewn and dressed on.
For centuries she has performed her art on each item with a great deal of patience, elegance and competence by placing her feelings such as love, enthusiasm, pain, desire, blues, imagination and secrets of her inner world - with hundreds of the most beautiful designs and colors, borrowed from nature, which the touch of Anatolia.
All her feelings, from her love to her fears, from her laughters to her tears, her  whole life story have been embroided in a wordless and pure way on these handcrafts.

However the characteristic of every single item she touched such as carpets, rugs, kilims, sumacs, hand-painted cloths, kerchiefs and hand-woven socks can not only be considered as artistic and perfectly aesthetic.
What makes the difference to other cultures are the pure and naive feelings from a young girl, a newly married bride, a lover, a mother, a widow, a grandmother, whispering, smiling, sharing their secrets with you through the wonderful designs and  colors.
She has harmonized this craft with her own personality in order to express herself and turned it into a unique art which could be transferred into the future generations

Anatolian woman has turned this craft into an art where she could express her love with a flower, her yearning with a color, her marital status with her head covering style, her secrets with a design directly to the right place where she would like to send; all doing these without using a single word in a more secure and elegant way than those that we use in our times in our electronic media tools.

Looking from this point of view; clothes, coverings and ornaments belonging to the Anatolian woman have become a refined work of art, moreover - because it easily can be seen always, everywhere and by anyone - it has gained a special status as a means of self-expression.

Folcloric and authentic clothing belonging to Muğla region is one of the nicest samples of this art which is reflecting lively, colorful, blooming and decorous style.

We've approached this task with great passion, enthusiasm and excitement with the innovative guidance we've received from Governor of Muğla in order to replace this art on the shelves of both local and foreign visitors' collection for long years as a souvenir of Muğla and while doing this we've paidattention to remain faithful to the authenticity of this cultural heritage.

NOTE: Details of the clothes have been expressed briefly on last section.



From  University Teachers  to women from our villages a lot of nice people have come together voluntarily and took part in this project along with Şiirdürüst.   
Authenticity of the dolls' folcloric clothing were the main criteria while performing the project. Long-lasting researches have been made from books, cultural publishings, libraries, museums, similar samples and products, special collections, photographs and internet sources and finally clothing and accessories experts have set the most appropriate samples.


Despite the fact that all Muğla dolls were hand-made products; technics to be used in producing the dolls were determined by the general decision of the team. It was decided to produce the dolls in a way to reflect authentic and folcloric values of Muğla, bringing up the past culture profile into daylight, quality and worth of a collection piece, abiding with the original and elaborately hand-made, so we agreed, that instead of producing the whole doll out of rag only the body structure would be produced using rag and hands and feet would be made of porcelain.


As a natural fact of this selection; the bodies and faces of the dolls could not be produced out of plastic. Following long-lasting and careful researches made; 160 hand-made porcelain dolls with face and body features suiting to the type of Turkish young girls. -with different hair and eye colors-were ordered with intensive persistence and request from a British firm which is expertised in porcelain collection dolls.   
Afterwards ornaments, decorations, clothes, embroideries, coverings, aprons, head scarves were searched in various villages, markets, dover chests all around Muğla and surrounding towns such as Aydin, Denizli, Odemis and etc. and were provided originally.

Some were used in original sizes and some were replaced by a smaller scaled ones representing the originals. And finally patterns were prepared for blouses, sleeves, skirts, shalwars, caftans, sample cuttings and sewings were performed, tailor fittings were done and then final original cutting patterns have been prepared. Clothes in various colors and sorts were cut, sewn, ironed and prepared. 
The hairs of the dolls have been combed and plaited. Head scarves, needle laces, beads, golden coins, head pieces, amulates; color by color and model by model, have been given to the skilful hands of our village girls and women as samples, and processed, crocheted and sewed one by one.
Afterwards, all of the dolls have been dressed just like a bride and aprons, covers, jewelleries, laces, golden coins, ornaments have been attached .


All of the dolls have been photographed, registired, (Collection Journal) and their special identy cards prepared one by one.                        
Some of them have been given names. But some haven't yet just to allow them to carry the same name with the person to whom the dolls will be given as a present.
From Muğla center to villages of Bodrum, Milas, Marmaris, Fethiye, Köyceğiz ,Ortaca, Ula;  Dalaman, from bride of Bodrum to marriage-able girls of Comakdağ (Latmos), each one more beautiful than the other, just 160 Muğla dolls...


That's the short story of the birth of the 160 pieces of Muğla Collection dolls which each one of them is different from the other, has different name, birth of certificate, collection identity and number.                       .     
These dolls are projected and produced by taking the folkloric and authentic originals as base by the artist Şiir Dürüst, an expert, instructor and educator in the field of handicraft since years..


We, hereby, on behalf of our girls and all ourselves, would like to thank to the persons listed below who put their efforts volunterely on this cultural service.

Project Idea: . . . . . .  . Governer of Muğla and his wife,

                                       Directorate of Culture and Tourism,

                                       Directorate of People's Education.

Project Responsibili . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :  Şiir Dürüst

Project Design . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . :  Şiir Dürüst

Research. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . :  Prof. Z. Nuran Bilgin

                                                                   M. Kamil Dürüst

                                                                   Şiir Dürüst

                                                                  Jale Benler

                                                                  Ömür Hetman


                                                                  B. Hofmann Kozan

                                                                  Birol Ergün

Production director . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :  S. Kozan

Planning & Coordination . . . . . . . . . :  B. Hofmann Kozan

Dressing & Accessory Design . . . . :  Şiir Dürüst

Purchasing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  :  S.Kozan,


                                                                   Şiir Dürüst, Jale Toperim   

                                                                   Gerhard  Zimpel

Dressing Template & Cutting . . . . . :  S.Kozan, 

                                                                  B. Hofmann Kozan

Sewing, Cutting, Ironing. . . . . . . . . . . : S.Kozan,

                                                                  B. Hofmann Kozan 

                                                                  Şiir Dürüst,

                                                                  Aysun Özdul,  


Hairdressing/Hairstylist. . . . . . . . . . . .: Şiir Dürüst, 

                                                                  B. Hofmann Kozan

Jewellery, Accessory, Belt :. .  . . . . . : Şiir Dürüst,

                                                                  B. Hofmann Kozan

                                                                  Olcay Orun   

Laces, Bead Works,Hand Works,

Lace Works, Aprons, Amulets,

Napkins and etc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .: Fatma Teyze,

                                                                   Güllü ana,


                                                                   Kadınlar Pazarı

                                                                   Aydın, Mersin, Tarsus,

                                                                   Kırıkhan, and the villages of Muğla

                                                                  Ümmühan abla,

                                                                  Pervin and Zehra

                                                                  ( Armutalan )Ayşe und Sultan

                                                                  ( Yaylalı Health Unit ).

                                                                   Emel   Y. Hanım, Melek, Peruze

                                                                   and Fr. Heike ( Ahu Hetman Dializ Center),

                                                                   Hakikat, HülyaEvcan,

                                                                   Birgül Evcan

                                                                   Nurcan Ünal

Photos, Graphics & PC Works.  . .. . . : S. Kozan

Translation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .: Seniha Tanrınınkulu, B.HofmannKozan, Bülent Pehlivan
Printing:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .: Serdar, Koray

                                             Tuncel Stationary, Mustafa Kılıç




TENLIK : It's put on the forehead. It's made of cotton fabric and decorated with gold coins. Colors vary depending on the status of the girls whether they are married, widow, angaged, fiancee or recently married. In some regions even the number of the coins have some different meaning.

YAZMA : Hand painted cloth and headscarf with lace It's a thin cover which is put on the head. It reflects the social status of the ladies from young girls to grandmas with the colors on, the style of tying and the laces on them. In special days the ones with silver or gold embrodery are tied.

FLOWERS ON THE HEAD : Despite the changes of the assortments by seasons, the flowers with their colors,
posture and types are enthusiastic and never abandoned accessories especially in our area Muğla.   

YANAKLIK : Cheek jewellery. A kind of jewellery made of colored cloth and beads which is hanging down on the both sides of the head.    

SAKINDIRAK : Same kind of jewellery like cheek cover and is placed on cheeks and under the chin.  

GOLDEN COIN : The base and a "must have" ornamental item. The jewellery, pride, wealth and the pledge of assurance of the Anatolian Woman. It's placed on the neck(like a neckless) and are in the form of "coins worth five gold Turkish pound" or full golden seperate coins.   

GÖĞÜSLÜK : Chest cover, located on the chest, in triangle form and tied on the back side of the body...

GÖYNEK, İÇ GÖMLEK : Shirt/undershirt, made of silk, raw silk or cotton cloth. Very careful  preserved in chests.. Generally the collar is kept closed and never opened until it's dressed for the first time. The collar, sleeve and skirt generally seamed with pin laces and  sometimes with beads, or spongles...

ŞALVAR : Shalwar: worn under the skirt,  large and very comfortable. Fixed on waist and legs with elastic band.
Various fabrics, colors and patterns according to age, events and special days.     

PEŞKİR,YAĞLIK : Large napkin : Embroided cloth, made for wiping the sweat up, also used as decoration, one end is inserted in the waist.

ŞAL KUŞAK : Shawl sash : Hand weawed cloth to prevent the skirt, underskirt and shalwar to slide down,  tied in triangle form or by winding on the aist. 

NAZARLIK : Amulet/devil eye : A very colorful cloth with beads, embroideries and ornaments. It's placed on the waist at the back for protection from devil eye or unwanted glances.

YANESH : Cloth pieces with rich embroidery in gobelinstyle with local patterns. Placed on both sides of shalwar, taken away before washing and resew back afterwards.

ÜÇ ETEK : Three pieces skirt : A kind of dress used almost all around the Anatolia. It's a long robe with the back divided from the two front panels by vertical gores and usually worn over shalwars.In our area, it's made of a fabric called "KUTNU".  For special days made from expensive cloth or silk, embroided, often with gold or silverthread. To prevent obstruction while walking and working skirt tails are inserted in the waist.

TOKALI KEMER : Belt with buckle, generally made of silver, lot softy pesand models. 

ÖNLÜK : Apron, a kind of clothing to protect garment from dirt and dust. Generally made of sturdy fabrics but again embroidered.



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